My Impossible List

Inspired by Unjaded Jade’s not so old video about an impossible list. It reminded me how many goals I have. It was about time to put all of them to into one place and to sort them.

Here it is:


  • read one Malcolm Gladwell book
  • publish a biography
  • complete NaNoWriMo
  • read 50 books in a year
  • write a book


  • sell a tattoo design
  • painting/drawing everyday for a week
  • meet Alex Grey
  • have 500 followers on IG


  • get all 8s or more on the 5th semester
  • get bachelor in Computer Science
  • get Masters in Artificial Intelligence in a foreign country


  • become flexible again
  • be able to workout with 20 kg of weights
  • go to gym everyday for a week
  • do yoga everyday for a week


  • get my own longsword
  • read my first manuscript
  • be an expert of Johannes Liechtenauer manuscripts/German longsword fencing school
  • Have a HEMA school
  • start HEMA club of VU


  • learn all guitar chords
  • post an episode of a podcast
  • build my own computer
  • learn 5 tricks with a longboard
    • to turn a round
  • start vlogging
    • film the first video
  • learn every lyrics of TOOL songs
  • learn to braid my own hair


  • write a post about an ML topic
  • work for Elon Musk
  • learn all dances of ‘Liepsnose’
  • choreograph a dance for ‘Liepsnose’
  • have a job
    • for a month – July 1st.
    • for two months


  • become fluent in Russian
    • A1
  • become fluent in Chinese
    • A1
  • become fluent in German
    • A2 – May 2018
  • become fluent in an African language
    • Choose a language
    • A1
  • become fluent in Latin
    • A1
  • become fluent in Japanese
    • A1


  • create a religion
  • get driving license
  • become zero waste
  • travel to 10 countries
    • Latvia, Estonia, Russia
  • go bunjee jumping
  • have a Tesla
  • jump with a parashute
  • meet Maynard James Keenan
  • be guest on Joe Rogan podcast
  • have a ted talk
  • go to TOOL concert
  • complete a 5 year journal

Poi spinning

  • have poi (and or fans) spinning school
  • perform in open stage of PoiCon
  • battle in spinning battle in PoiCon
  • meet Tim Goddard
  • get my solo approved by PoiCon
  • film a video with Tim Goddard
  • upload one video per week to IG for a month
  • have 200 followers on IG

Renaissance woman

  • be a expert of sacred geometry
  • be a expert of mycology
  • learn everything about brain
  • be an expert of Mathematical Probabilities
  • be an export of Psychology
  • be expert of Mathematical analysis
  • learn to locate all countries on a map
  • be an expert of philosophy
    • read ‘Philosophy’ by DK
    • read ‘Filosofijos ivadas’ by Evaldas Nekrasas
    • read ‘Between Good and Evil’ by Nietzche
  • learn to identificate several artists’ artworks
  • become C. C. Jung specialist
  • learn biographies of several artists
  • be an expect of history of China
  • be an expert of Python
  • learn all the answers to ‘Lietuva’ cards